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Sir Harry Hardwick is a minor villain appearing on the WB/CW television series Smallville, appearing in the Season 1 episode "Leech."

He is played by William Samples.

Sir Harry is the British CEO of Hardwick Enterprises who schemed with his daughter, Victoria, to take over LuthorCorp. He sent Victoria to Smallville to entice Lex Luthor into working against his father Lionel Luthor.

With his daughter's help, Sir Harry discovered Lex's interest in Cadmus Labs and purchased the company to use the profits he'd make off Cadmus' patents to buy out Lionel's company. However, it turned out that Lex faked the evidence of his interest in Cadmus Labs which, in reality, was worthless; this enabled LuthorCorp to buy Hardwick Enterprises since Sir Harry expended his resources in buying Cadmus Labs, taking away his fortune.

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