Sir Godfrey is the main antagonist in the 2010 film Robin Hood.

He is portrayed by Mark Strong, who also portrays Frank D'Amico, Pinbacker and Lord Henry Blackwood.


Sir Godfrey is a close friend and servant to King John, but is secretly a traitor who schemes to form an alliance with the French in order to seize power for himself. Godfrey is incredibly ruthless and intimidating, as seen when he kills several innocent victims without remorse.

During the film's climax, after King John discovers Godfrey's treachery, he and Robin Longstride lead an assault on Godfrey's forces. Robin duels Godfrey before being knocked to the ground, allowing Godfrey to escape on horseback. Robin quickly grabs a bow and fires an arrow at the fleeing Godfrey, piercing his neck and killing him.