Sir George

Sir George

Sir George (real name: Georgius), also known as "Old Goerge", is extremely old character in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and is also the first Forever Knight and founded them over 1,000 years ago. In The Purge, he recruited the Forever Knight leaders to join his own faction of The Forever Knights, uniting all the separate factions into a single order, and later started a war against all aliens on Earth.

In "The Beginning of the End", Sir George demand to face Diagon instead he summoned Vilgax his Herald.


  • According to himself, Sir George was just like Ben when he was young. This is reinforced by how Sir George's personality starts to mirror Ben's after his youth is restored by Ascalon.
  • The symbol on the seal that was holding the Lucubra, Diagon and on Sir George's coin also appears on Forever Knight armor. The symbol is the picture depicting the word infinity (∞), a word consistent with The Forever Knight's name.
  • It was revealed in the episode "A Knight to Remember" that Sir George is the legendary Sir George from "Sir George and the Dragon", but the dragon is revealed to be Diagon.