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Sir Fangar is the King of the Saber-Tooth Tribe, leader of the Ice Hunters and main antagonist in Season 3 of Legends of Chima.


Sir Fangar is very dramatic when it comes to releasing his army. He wants to keep his Hunters on the move to freeze Chima, though his arrogance to retreat has cost him in battle. He wishes to "collect" one of each tribe by freezing them and wishes Li'ella (Laval's love interest) to be his queen.


Fangar, along with the other "ground born" were welcomed up into the pheonix city for education and civilizing. Fangar rose above his peers and was among the Fluminox's "best students". However, after years of studying, Fangar felt he had learned all there was to learn and set his eyes on a more ambitious goal; taking over Chima. The now self-dubbed Sir Fangar built an army and crushed any thing that came in his way. Eventually, Sir Fangar reached Mt. Cavora with his army. The pheonixes had only one chance left. They preformed a ritual called the Great Illumination which drastically changed the landscape and banished Sir Fangar's army into the Gorge of eternal Depth, freezing them over the years, losing flesh (The Purple) and exposing bones (The Transparent Blue)



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