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The Sinister Sisters

The Sinister Sisters

The SInister SIsters are the trio of young evil witches attending Witch University in Halloweentown and the daughters of Silas Sinister. They are minor villains in Return to Halloweentown. While Sapphire Sinister and Sage Sinister act as the twin-followers, their sister, Scarlett Sinister acts as the ring-leader.

Scarlett Sinister is portrayed by Kristy Wu while Sapphire and Sage Sinister are played by twin sisters Katie Cockrell and Kellie Cockrell.

The SInister Sisters

They secretly defy the "No Magic" rule of the Witch University by using their powers whenever there is no teacher watching.

They work with a few professors and their father who are the members of the Dominion, to make Marnie open a box with the Cromwell family's ultimate magic in it.

In the end, their plan backfires and they lose their family magic as punishment for their father's actions and that of his co-conspirators.


Excuse me? If anything he should apologize to me. I wasted a whole month of college on that toad. Ooh. Join me in a little Sinister magic, sister?
~ Scarlett threatening Ethan
My magic! It's gone!
~ Scarlett's reaction after discovering her powers are gone
I don't get it.
~ Sapphire to her sisters about their powers being gone
We're mortal, dumbbell.
~ Sage correcting Sapphire of their powers disappearing
We might as well be... ugly!
~ Scarlett to her sisters in their horrors of no longer having magic

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