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~ Sinistar's famous catchphrase.

Sinistar is the boss and titular main antagonist of the 1982 arcade game of the same name. He is an animated spacecraft with a demonic skull face.

In the game, your objective is to mine crystals from nearby meteorites to create Sinibombs, while fending off enemy ships who are also mining the crystals. The enemies will use the crystals to build Sinistar, who will start to chase after you, all while taunting you. The only way to destroy him (and thus clear a stage) is to use the Sinibombs on him. Touching him means immediate doom, and more taunting.

He is voiced by the late radio personality John Doremus.




  • His voice sounds like the narrator of the 1980s Transformers series, Victor Caroli, who also does the voice of the equally dark villain, Tirek, in G1 My Little Pony and Paralyzed Horse in Bravest Warriors.

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