Singhiya was a dark magician in ancient India, who was highly skilled in the dark arts. Singhiya lived a solitary life and he rarely mixed with people. He got a sinister reputation for dark sorcery.

One day, he was out in the market, and he saw the beautiful Princess Ratnavati, who he immediately fell in love with. Singhiya suddenly plotted to rule the kingdom of Bhangarh Fortress, and usurp the throne. He had an idea of how to make the princess his, because nothing was impossible to one in the dark arts.

Singhiya immediately cursed the oil the princess bought, changing it so she would become infatuated with him, and leave her palace to be with him. However, the princess' maid saw the sorcerer changing the oil to his desire, and the maid pushed a huge rock off its base, causing it to roll rapidly downhill, where it suddenly hit Singhiya, who had been about to get his desire, as the princess had been about to buy the oil.

Singhiya was crushed by the falling rock. As he lay broken, he cursed the fortress and all who lived there, saying that death would soon come to all of them. Singhiya then died, and nothing seemed to have changed. But a year later, his curse was fulfilled - the king went to war with his neighbours, which he lost, and everyone in Bhangarh fortress was killed, including princess Ratnavati, and the fortress has never been reinhabited since. Their ghosts are said to be stuck there, unable to enter the Afterlife because of Singhiya's cruel desires.