Singe is a dragon and the main antagonist from the Don Bluth 1983 video game Dragon's Lair and the secondary antagonist of the series. He has kidnapped Princess Daphne and it's up to Dirk the Daring to save her.


Dragon's Liar (1983)

Once Dirk enter in his treasure room of his castle. He founded Princess Daphne,sleeping locked in a bubble with a huge golden crown on the bubble.But next to her,Singe is sleeping.Suddenly Daphne hears Dirk,as she screamed,waking up Singe.Once Singe saw Dirk,he released his fire breath on him.Dirk fastly moved away,hiding behind of a pile of gold.Singe went back to sleep.As Dirk went slowly towards Daphne.She responded with:

Please save me.The cage is locked,with a key.The dragon key keeps it around his neck.To slay the dragon,use the magic sword.
Dirk then saw the magic sword,in a pile of gold,stuck in a diamond.As Singe awake,Dirk was running away from him.In one point,Dirk finally got the magic sword in his hands, throwing it on Singe,killing him to death. Once this occurred,Dirk took the key,releasing Princess Daphne from the cage.She jumped in his hands,kissing him on the cheek.

Dragon's Liar 2

In the 1991 sequel, Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp, Singe's skeletal remains are found in the same treasure room in the beginning of the game.