Sinbad is really not that bad of a guy, or at least he doesn't think so. He got caught up running with a bad crowd, and now he's in too deep to get out. Will he dive in deeper, or look to his friends for help?
~ Sinbad's in-game bio

Sinbad Rotter is a resident of Twinbrook, the town shipped with Sims 3: Ambitions. He lives with polar opposite roommate Goodwin Goode, with whom he is enemies

Life before the start of the game

Sinbad's biography implies that he had not always been bad. Rather, he became too involved with the wrong crowd, which morphed him into the way he is. It is possible, however, that his first name is a combination of the words "Sin" and "Bad". His last name, Rotter, could be a reference to rotten, reflecting his personality.

Possible Redemption

Should the player decide to, Sinbad can change his ways, and become a redeemed villain. It is implied that this can be achieved with the help of others, and various methods in-game. However, this is all up to the player's actions.


Sinbad delights in hurting others, especially his roommate. Being a kleptomaniac, he is prone to taking things that aren't his. This reflects well in his Lifetime Wish to become a master thief. He is also flirtatious and hot-headed.