Well, if it isn't my old friends, the human vermin, the scab of slime, the pus-sucking, puke-laden walking cesspits of unspeakableness.
~ The Simulant Lieutenant "greets" the crew
There is nothing to discuss. In sixty seconds you'll be dead.
~ The Simulant Lieutenant
I do not understand why you're having such problems grasping this concept. I'm a totally ruthless amoral killing machine so why, in the name of all that's putrid, don't you believe I'm serious.
~ The Simulant Lieutenant

The Simulant Lieutenant is the antagonist from the Red Dwarf episodes Gunmen of the Apocalypse and Rimmerworld. She is a Simulant and the lieutenant of the Battle Cruiser.

She is portrayed by Liz Hickling.


She is a tall, imposing and quote beautiful woman with black hair and two sets of eyebrows. She speaks in a deep and husky voice. As every Simulant, she deeply hates humans. She also appears to be hardy, as she is the Simulant who survived when Starbug destroyed the Battle Cruiser.



Gunmen of the Apocalypse

The Simulant Captain and his Lieutenant are the only known members of the crew of the Battle Cruiser. They travel the space looking for prey worthy of their mettle. When they meet Starbug and find humans there, the Captain stuns its crew and the Simulants then upgrade the whole ship and even give them cannons. Three weeks later, the Starbug crew wakes up, only to learn they have to fight the Simulants in the "fair" battle.

Much to the Simulants' surprise, the Starbug crew decides to fight instead of trying to escape. They manage to hit the Simulants' engine core. Unable to return fire, the Captain orders his Lieutenant to hack into Starbug's Navicomp and to infect the computer with the Armageddon Virus, which aims Starbug at a nearby moon and locks all controls. The Battle Cruiser then explodes, killing everyone abroad, except the Lieutenant.


Several days later, Starbug returns to the wreck of the Battle Cruiser and its crew boards it for supplies. Unfortunately, they bump into the survived Lieutenant, angry at them for killing her friends. She holds a gun and insults the crew, while Lister tries to convinces her not to fire, as it would cause the wreck to blow up. He even asks her out on a date, but she is too busy dying and prepares to take the crew with her. Meanwhile, Rimmer circles behind her and is about to fire his bazookoid, but then changes his mind and jumps into the nearby escape pod. When he launches it, it causes the destruction of the ship and a load of debris fall down on the lieutenant's head, presumably killing her.