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Guess what? I lied.
~ The Simulant

The Simulant Convict is the antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode Justice. He is an unnamed, psychopathic Simulant who escaped from the space prison in a cryogenic escape pod.

He is portrayed by Nicholas Ball.



Some time ago, the big mutiny of a group of psychopathic Simulants breaks up in the space prison called Justice World. The mutiny is eventually suppressed, but one of the Simulants manages to escape in a cryogenic escape pod.

The pod later lands on the Red Dwarf board. The crew sees the name of a guard called Barbara Bellini on it, so the Cat starts the thaw process. However, when Rimmer explores the black box of the pod, he finds out about the mutiny and the possibility there is a Simulant inside instead of the guard. The crew isn't sure what to do, so Holly suggests to travel to the Justice World to learn more. They do so and enters the prison, leaving the pod in their transport vehicle Starbug.

As many things happen in the Justice World, the crew eventually forgets why they actually went there. However, when they are about to enter Starbug and leave, they find out the Simulant revives from the pod and starts chasing them. They enter the Justice Zone where if you tried to commit a crime, the consequences happen to you. The crew hides in front of the Simulant who wants start-up code for Starbugs to leave the Justice Station. He then asks to talk to one of the crew and Lister agrees. They both promise not to bring any weapons to the meeting, which is a lie from them both. However, much to Lister's dismay, the Simulant lied twice. Luckily, they are still in the Justice Zone, so every time the Simulant tries to attack Lister, he is injured himself until he dies.

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