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Simon the Monster Hunter is the secondary, later true main antagonist of the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters cartoon series.

He is rivaled only by the Gromble in terms of his frequent antagonism towards the group. However, unlike the bullying Gromble, Simon is driven by obsession and a genuine desire to capture the monsters so as to prove to the world that monsters are real.

He is voiced by Jim Belushi.


Simon is a male human adult with grayish green hair and pink lips and wears black glasses.


Simon spends all night stalking in the dump and disguised himself as any kind of trash. He builds High-Tech traps and robots to catch the monster, although he is still never able to catch a monster, always due in part to his own incompetence.


Simon is one of only a very small number of human adults who knows of the existence of monsters and is considered completely insane by both human and monster alike, which he most likely is, considering the extreme lengths he goes to in his fanatical crusade.

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