Fine Doctor Crane, I'll keep working on your Cloudburst but I'll keep working on your toxin as well. I'll show him there's money to be made here, one way or another.
~ Simon Stagg's research note aboard his airship.

Simon Stagg was a minor villain in the 2015 Rocksteady action video game Batman: Arkham Knight. He is a corrupt and cowardly CEO who struck a deal with Scarecrow to manufacture his dispersal device, The Cloudburst, until he betrayed Crane to make a profit with his Fear Toxin.

Stag was voiced by Phillip Proctor, who also voiced Warren Vidic in the Assassin's Creed series.


20 years prior to the game, Stagg went into business with his partner and close friend, Alex Satarious. Together they opened up a pharmaceutical company, Stagg Industries, however, one day their company ran out of money and Stagg was reduced to selling weapons on the black market, which unsettled Satarious.

Eventually, Stagg ran into Jonathan Crane where they struck a deal to help him manufacture The Cloudburst (a dispersal unit to help spread his Fear Toxin on a massive scale). Stagg recorded all of the terrible actions he and Scarecrow had performed (including human experimentation using the Fear Toxin complete with Stagg taunting at least one of his victims). However, Stagg viewed Scarecrow as a fool for wanting destruction rather than profit, and the alliance began to sour. When Scarecrow discovered Stagg's treachery, he was enraged, although Stagg fled to Gotham before he could do anything.

In Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight did find Scarecrow however and anchored his airship so he wouldn't get away. They had no choice but to keep him alive and charge the Cloudburst themselves. He was saved by Batman but was captured yet again. Eventually Stagg was able to give Batman his location before he was gassed by Fear Toxin and knocked out.

However Batman returned to Stagg's airships where he needed his help into deactivating the Cloudburst. After The Cloudburst Tank was destroyed he was locked up in GCPD.


  • In the comics, Simon Stagg is primarily an enemy towards the Flash.


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