It's time to pay!
~ Simon Greedwell

Simon Greedwell is the first boss from Sunset Riders.


Simon Greedwell is the greedy owner of a ranch. He is also a thief responsible for stealing cattle. His entire greed has led to a bounty of $10,000. Bounty hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano head to Simon's ranch. They deal with henchmen and bull stampedes before reaching Simon, himself. He attempts to fight them but dies. Afterward, they collect the bounty.


As the first boss in the game, Simon is intended to be easy. He stands on a balcony behind two barrels, shooting the player. Occasionally, Simon calls goons to aid him. The player must first shoot the barrels, being careful to not stand in front of them as they fall. The player should then start shooting Simon until he falls onto the ground.


  • Simon's last name is a pun on the fact that he is greedy.