♩ Never fear! Simon Belmont is here
to destroy evil monsters and all you hold dear!
I will end your cruel necromancing! ♩
~ Simon Belmont
Actually... we were just dancing.
~ Monsters

Simon Belmont is the main antagonist of Starbomb's "Crasher Vania"

In the song, Dracula decides to invite all of his monster friends to a big dance party, only for Simon Belmont to crash the party in an attempt to kill them all.

The monsters manage to escape, and eventually return to the castle to resume their party, but Simon reappears and kills all of Dracula's guests. When Dracula reprimands him for this, Simon admits that he did it because he was never invited to the monster's parties. Dracula then tells him that the monsters can still be his friends if he'd stop killing him, and invites him for two-man twister, only for Simon to chop off his leg out of habit, killing him.