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Simon Bar Sinister is the main antagonist of the cartoon Underdog and the 2007 Disney live action movie based on it where he was played by Peter Dinklage. He is a soft parody on Lex Luthor as Underdog is a soft parody to Superman. He sets out to the take over the world to become rich and powerful, an extremely common stereotypical trait of villains.


Simon Barsinister by Joeville

Simon Bar Sinister along with his dull-witted henchmen, Cad Lackey.

Not much is known about why Simon wants to take control over the world, as the only thing he seems to care about is money. In the episode "Go Snow", he screams out "I want money and power and money and power and money and power and money and power!!!".

He will always invent something using science fiction, and Underdog will always stop him after he is freed from an effect of what Simon has affected him with, such as turning him into snow or shrinking him. Underdog seems to be overconfident and will nevertheless ignore the danger of becoming affected of Simon's new weapon. Simon Bar Sinister's name refers to the game "Simon Says", in which Simon orders the people to do what he says using the advantage, as well as the bar sinister, a heraldic device.

Several advantages were threatening to turn them all into snowmen if they don't give him money or threatening to kill them from thirst by obtaining all the water in the world. Underdog always comes in to stop Simon, who is always confident that he will win. In the live-action film, Simon tried to mind-control people to do what he says, a reference to how he orders obedience in the cartoon.

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