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Simon is the main killer of the 1971 Italian horror film Twitch of the Death Nerve. Although he is the main killer, he isn't the sole or main antagonist of the movie. He is the illegitimate son of Countess Federica Donati who owns a a large bayside mansion and the surronding land. Her murder causes the events of the movie to start, and turns Simon into a murderer.


Simon lives in a small house on his mother's property, and lives as a fisherman, mainly fishing for squid in the bay. He usually keeps to him self, but occasionally talks to people who live around the area.

Simon's mother, Countess Frederica, owns a large portion of land near a bay in Italy. Many buisnessmen have come to her and offered to purchase the land from her in order to start a resort. The Countess refuses to sell, saying that the land is very important to her. Meanwhile, Frederica is also having marriage trouble with her husband, Fillippo Donati. Writing in her diary that she is so filled with sorry, she often prays for death. 

When two realtors see her diary, they hatch an scheme. They plan to have Donati murder his wife and make it look like a suicide, using her diary pages as a suicide note. Donatti will become owner of the bay and will sell. Donatti murders his wife as planned. However, soon after, an unseen attacker stabs Donatti to death with a penknife. 

A few days later, four teenagers drive to a small cottage down by the bay. One of them decides to go swimming and discovers Donnatis body in the bay. The killer chases the teenager down and murders her with a machete, and then murders the other three teens at the cottage. 

When Donnati fails to respond to the realtors, they decide to investigate. Donatti's daughter and Simon's Step-Sister, Renata and her husband Albert, also go to investigate. When Renatta and Albert see Simon, they start to question him about Donatti, only to find his corpse in Simon's fishing boat.Simon claims that he simply found Donatti in the bay and had nothing to do with it. 

However, Simon later admits to killing Donatti, saying that he was angered after Donatti abused and murdered his mother. He also reveals that he murdered the four teenagers to keep them from reporting his crimes to the police. After learning the two realtors were behind the plot to kill his mother, Simon strangles one of them to death in a fit of rage. As he walks out of his home, he is stabbed to death with a spear by Albert.

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