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What is my problem with man, you ask? No. I ask you, what was man's problem with me?
~ Simion

Simion is the titular villain in one of the episodes of the Dexter's Laboratory spin-off Dial M for Monkey.

When he was a common primate he was set to be the first monkey in space, but his mission failed. A crack in the space capsule's hull created an explosion that hurled him toward a radioactive energy imbalance, the radiation altered his appearance and mind giving him enhanced strength and intelligence, turn so a mutated anthropomorphic primate. He began to build a new world, training his new body and expanding his knowledge and skill through meditation, soon being able to create matter merely by thought, becoming so a powerful galactic warlod. With his new abilities he created a whole new world from his thoughts and once he established his empire he created an immense warship from scrap over half a century, and assembled an army to help him destroy the Earth and the humans that ruined his life. Then, he says Monkey that he is also a strong and intelligent ape and that combining their forces they could bring a new galactic order. He gives reasons for this telling him that no human has shown him true love and affection. But Monkey, after a series of flashbacks spending quality time with Agent Honeydew, showed Simion a true simple act of kindness with the gift of a banana given to him by her. Simion realized the error of his ways and destroyed his army and went to live a happy care free life in the wilds of South America.

He is Voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


  • His name is a pun of the word "Simian".
  • His biography could be a parody of Planet of the Apes's primates. Another thing to consider about is that his voice, portrayed by Maurice LaMarche, is meant to be an impression of legendary actor Charlton Heston as a reference to his starring role in the 1968 film.
  • Simion has similarities with Mojo Jojo.
    • Both are anthropomorphic primates created by mutation.
    • Both have a remarkable misanthropy as well as a thirst for revenge against humanity.
    • Both want to take over their own world, but in this case they have two differences:
      • Mojo Jojo wants to rule the Earth.
      • Simion wants to rule the whole galaxy.
  • He is a reference to the DC Comics villain Vandal Savage.