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There's no hope. There's no going back to normal life. My family is all I have and now I've lost them too.
~ Silver St. Cloud

Silver St. Cloud is a member of the Dumas family and appears as an antagonist in the second season of Gotham, where she is tasked to seduce Bruce Wayne by her uncle Theo Galavan.

She is portrayed by Natalie Alyn Lind.


After her father passed away, Silver became the ward of Theo Galavan. Silver studied for two years in Geneva and Switzerland before returning to Gotham City.

Silver was later introduced to Bruce Wayne by her uncle Theo and the two discussed Anders Preparatory Academy with Silver telling Bruce they'll brave the school together after Bruce told her that he was practically a new kid as well. Silver greeted Bruce on to the courtyard of Anders Prep after he walked passed her and introduced him to her new friends. Silver decided to have dinner with Bruce, Theo, and Tabitha. Silver told Bruce that he should come over more so the two would hang out.

However, Silver is revealed to be in her uncle Theo's plot to get revenge on the Wayne family by killing their last descendant Bruce. In the 19th century, Jonathan Wayne used a knife to punish Caleb Dumas when his sister Celestine Wayne lied to him about how Caleb sexually abused her. After Jonathan erased the Dumas name for history, the surviving members were exiled as punishment and changed their names to Galavan.

She threatened Selina Kyle to stay away from Bruce. When Selina then confronted her while Bruce was present, Silver acted like she was innocent and even cried when Selina told Bruce how she really is. Silver, seemingly hurt, told Bruce that it was better if she left. Bruce then angrily told Selina that she is not the friend he thought she were, Bruce then goes to the Galavan Estate where he meets with Silver and kisses her.

Later, while talking to Theo Silver states that she has Bruce Wayne tightly wrapped around her finger.

After Theo Galavan's arrest, Bruce invited Silver because he says he needs her help. When she arrives, she asks her if Bruce believes the cruel things said about her uncle. Bruce vehemently denies it. Alfred then enters the room. He is surprised to see Silver and, much to Bruces' distress throws her out of the manor. Alfred then forbids Bruce from seeing Silver again, stating that he will be Bruce's jailor if he has to. However, unbeknownst to Alfred Silver gave Bruce an adress at an hotel and a key for her room, should he want to meet her.

Later, Bruce returns to Alfred and tells him that he accepts that Alfred is right and that he is tired and will go to bed. However, Alfred tells him that he knows that Bruce called a taxi and shows Bruce that he has stolen the key Silver gave him. Angrily Bruce leaves, screaming that he won't give up to which Alfred quietly replies that he won't either.

During another fleeing attempt, Bruce is stopped by Selina, who once again tells him that Silver is bad. Bruce tells her that she said that before but Selina replies that this time she has proof.

By faking a kidnapping, an associate of Selina tricks Silver into revealing that Theo gave Silver orders to keep Bruce busy until his plan could be . Bruce then faces Silver, telling her that even after her uncle was arrested, he still trusted her. He thanks Silver for the lesson and is about to leave, when Silver tells him that Bruce was right about Theo, that he really is what everyone else says and that he will kill her if he finds out what she did. Though Silver begs of Bruce not to leave her, he and Selina leave the building, leaving a devastated Silver behind.

Silver is reprimanded by Theo for her failure. He decides to give her a chance, and that is to try and make a now captured Bruce fall in love with her again and kiss her before his execution, or else she will be banished from the family. Fearing for her uncle possibly killing her, Silver heads to Bruce's cell however he isn't in a talkative mood and still envies for her working against him. Feeling guilt, Silver attempts to escape with Bruce but they are both captured by Theo and locked away in the cell. Bruce tells Silver he knows she was only playing him, but she tells him that isn't a lie. She reveals that her uncle wants Bruce to fall in love with her or she'll possibly be killed. Before Bruce is taken away, he decides to kiss Silver and tells her he loves her in Theo's presence, thus sparing her banishment or death.

During the ceremony, Silver is unable to witness Bruce being killed and brings it to a halt. A second later the place is stormed by Alfred, James Gordon, Selina Kyle, the Penguin and several others on a joint mission to rescue Bruce and get revenge on Theo. Silver escapes to Theo's office with him and Tabitha, however Theo intends to leave her behind and attempts to kill her. Unable to further watch Theo's cruelty against his own family, Tabitha knocks Theo out and uses two parachutes to escape with Silver into the streets below, leaving Theo behind to be killed by James Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot.

Episode appearances

Season 2

  • "Rise of the Villains: Strike Force"
  • "Rise of the Villains: By Fire"
  • "Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster"
  • "Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow"
  • "Rise of the Villains: The Son of Gotham"
  • "Rise of the Villains: Worse Than A Crime"


  • St. Silver Cloud was not an antagonist in the comics.




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