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The Silver Shamrock Androids were the unnamed henchmen of Conal Cochran and supporting antagonists in the least popular Halloween III: The Season of The Witch - they were advanced humanoid robots with great strength and a single-minded desire to seek out and destroy those who endangered Silver Shamrock in some way or other.

The Silver Shamrock Androids did the majority of the actual murders in the film and are slow-moving and largely silent killers, reminiescent of Michael Myers (ironically Myers never appeared in this movie, the first and only time he was absent from the series).


  1. Harry Grimbridge - Eyes gouged out/head crushed by Silver Shamrock Henchman
  2. Starker - Head ripped off by Sliver Shamrock Henchman
  3. Teddy - Drilled in head by Silver Shamrock Henchman
  4. Ellie Grimbridge - Killed by Silver Shamrock Henchman and Conal Cochran

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