Silver Mantis is the sidekick and love interest of Black Scorpion from the MMOG City of Heroes. She has replaced a good portion of her body with metallic substitutes many of which function as weapons that extend from her very flesh at will.

Tamura Shirai was once a normal human-being with an odd fixation with metal. Tamura became sexually excited by metal and tried to satisfy her lust through piercings at first but soon opted for much more radical measures. Tamura started subjecting herself to radical surgeries that replaced more and more of her body with metal from the inside out. To fund the rather specialized and subjective surgeries Tamura turned to crime robbing businesses and banks to pay for the next modification to fuel her fix and took up the name Silver Mantis as her criminal alias.

In her travels she happened upon Black Scorpion while preforming services for Arachnos in the same complex. When Silver Mantis saw Black Scorpion's cyber-suit she was instantly enchanted with him and Black Scorpion became quite fond of Silver Mantis's style and moxy. Black Scorpion brought Silver Mantis back to Grandvil with him and had her formally sign up to Arachnos where she became his partner in crime under the service of Lord Recluse. Just as Black Scorpion had joined Arachnos to get cutting edge modifications for his armor's upkeep and improvement Silver Mantis was given a variety of body modification surgeries beyond her wildest dreams. Black Scorpion and Silver Mantis have a very open relationship and while numerous soldiers have made note of the many occasions they have engaged is sexual activities with each-other neither one has expressed any actual feelings for each-other suggesting that the relationship may be entirely physical and based on each-others kinks. Regardless of whether there is any true feelings between them the two are still very close and Silver Mantis is one of the only Arachnos officials who holds Black Scorpion in any respect.

Top Cow Comics Silver Mantis

Silver Mantis

Powers and Abilities

Silver Mantis has replaced her bones with metallic alloy which allow her to easily stand up to a great amount more force than the average person. Silver Mantis can extend the bones from various points on her body, the spikes that appear to extend from her arms and legs are actually part of her bones that she can extend or retract with minor reflexes. The blades that she extends from her body are incredibly sharp and are easily able to slice through steel. Silver Mantis also has spike traps that she uses in combat to slow and tear apart her foes as they approach. Silver Mantis can even shoot metal spikes from her arms as projectiles to impale, shred and slice her targets.