Silver TMNT

"I wasn't always like this. I didn't use to be greedy but when you're the last of your kind, you start to feel needy."

Silver is a villain in Ninja Turtles; Next Mutation

Next Mutation

Silver is the last of the Himalayan Yeti. Instead of spending his time on top of a mountain, he decided to make the most of it by going into crime. His gang of humans have the collective IQ of a peanut and they think he's the smartest boss around. Silver is always looking for a way to get more money then he already has, usually by stealing it from somewhere. He also is highly offended by monkey jokes, even though he likes to eat bananas.

Known Associates 

  • Monkey Thief Mick (portrayed by Michael Dobson) – One of Silver's henchmen.
  • Monkey Thief Dick (portrayed by Ronnie Way) – One of Silver's henchmen.