This planet is ours!
~ One of the Silurians.

The Silurians (also known as Eocene, Homo Reptilia and Psionosauropodomorpha) are a type of intelligent three-eyed reptiles which evolved on Earth before the age of mankind.



Technologically advanced, they lived during prehistoric times. Unlike other species, Silurians showed vast differentiation between breeds, such as the number of eyes or the formation of their pupils. Silurians have made several appearances and are recurring enemies of the Doctor, also allying other enemies like the Master and their aquatic cousins the Sea Devils.

The New Silurians

In his eleventh incarnation, the Doctor encountered some mutated Silurians in an underground city, where he tried to help them making peace with the Humans, but failed, as the Silurian hostage Alaya was killed and her sister Restac wanted vengeance. However, some Silurians reappeared along with the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Judoon, the Sontarans and other enemies of the Doctor to help trapping him in the Pandorica.

At some point in time, the Silurians had sent a ship to space, which was however boarded by Solomon, who killed the Silurians on board. Another Silurian named Malohkeh (who was killed by Restac in the original timeline) appeared as Winston Churchill's Doctor in an alternative timeline, which was created when River Song refused to kill the Doctor.

Madame Vastra

A single Silurian named Vastra allied the Eleventh Doctor to fight Madame Kovarian and rescue Amy Pond together with Dorium Maldovar, some Judoon, "Danny Boy", Sontaran Commander Strax, and the pirate Henry Avery. Later, she and Starx would also help the Doctor fighting Winifred Gillyflower, her parasite Mr Sweet and the Great Intelligence. She, Jenny and Strax later aided the Twelfth Doctor in the battle against the Half Face Man and the other Clockwork Droids.