Silitha is one of the Destroyer's Chosen and a villain from Darksiders.


After Samael attempted to rebel against the Destroyer and was defeated, Silitha and the other Chosen were given the task of keeping him from regaining his powers. However when War returned to Earth to bring down the Destroyer, he freed Samael, who told him that he needed to kill the Chosen in order to access the dark lord's tower fortress. After War brought down Tiamat, the Griever, and the Stygian, Samael sent him to bring down Silitha, the final member of the Chosen. War found his way into the Iron Canopy, where he was captured by the Spider Queen's spawn. However he escaped the webbing holding him and fought his way through the streets of the Iron Canopy until finally he reached Silitha's lair. There the Spider Queen confronted War and revealed the true purpose of the Chosen, telling him that if he were to bring her heart to Samael, then he would unleash a threat greater than all of the Chosen combined. However War told her that had not come for her council or her stories and the two engaged each other. Despite her great power, War succeeded in smashing Silitha through the floor, impaling her lower body on a set of spikes then tore out her heart.

Powers and Abilities

Silitha has a great deal of physical strength, due to her large size and has the ability to teleport, a power she uses often. She commonly uses it to get the drop on her enemies, such as teleporting above them to land on and crush them with her large bulk. Silitha can also swipe with her claws and, being a spider, is able to stick to walls and spin webs.