Silent Ones were a group of powerful aliens found in the martial arts comic book magazine "Deadly Hands of Kung Fu" published by Curtis Magazines, a short-lived imprint of Marvel Comics.

The Silent Ones are a group that evolved and separated from humanity millions of years ago, around the time of the Neanderthals. What changed them and motivated them was never clearly described. They apparently represent some evil force that balances out the force of good on the wheel of life. Following some unrevealed war in humanity's past which nearly wiped out the entire race, the Silent Ones watched and waited as humanity slowly began to redevelop, once again from a more primitive state. When this occurred, the Silent Ones abducted a human woman, and used both natural and unnatural means to implant their darker lusts and passion in the new race of humanity.

Their activities over the next however-many-years have not been described. At some point, the Silent Ones relocated to another dimension. Eventually, they found that their power was so great that it was burning out their forms. The Silent Ones whose forms died from their power were placed in stasis. In the modern era, only one of the Silent Ones remained. He sought vessels powerful enough to contain the energies of the Silent Ones, into which they could transfer their minds and powers. He used promises of riches and power, often involving the use of addiction to opium or other narcotics, to convince several pawns on Earth to serve them and aid in his quest for these vessels.

In the modern era, the last living member of the Silent Ones believed that the Tiger Amulets, possessed by the kung fu sensei Master Kee, could unify and empower a group of three people to become such vessels. He manipulated events to train these people to use the power of the amulets and travel to the dimension of the Silent Ones. This began with the murder of Master Kee, who gave the amulets to his disciple, Lin Sun, who kept one for himself and gave two of them to two other students of Kee, Abe Brown and Bob Diamond. These three became the Sons of the Tiger, set out to avenge Kee, and learned of the existence of the Silent Ones. After several encounters with the Silent Ones' pawns, they managed to access the power of the amulets to travel to their dimension.

The last survivor again tested their power, then confronted the three warriors, and explained some of his race's past. He then awakened the hundreds or thousands of dead and mummified Silent Ones to claim the forms of the Sons of the Tiger. The Sons tapped into the power of their amulets and created an army of warriors, embodiments of the Tiger's Power. The warriors attacks on his mummified ancestors caused the last survivor to weaken and stagger back, and Lin Sun knocked him back through his own time portal. This destroyed him, and the mummified Silent Ones crumbled to dust.

Powers and Abilities

The Silent Ones possessed vast energy manipulating powers, enabling them to open dimensional portals, create and animate solid objects or humanoid creatures, grow to great size and strength, and form powerful force fields.  Their power was so great that it gradually burnt out their physical forms, requiring them to usurp the forms of others powerful enough to contain their energies.