Silent E

With vowels like that, just think about what damage he can do.
~ Silent E bragging on his ability to make vowels say their names.

Silent E is the villain protagonist of the animated segments of the same name, which was derived from the live-action "Vowel Boot Camp" skits in the kids television show, Between the Lions.


Silent E is a criminal because, as he adds an "e" at the end of a word with only a short vowel and ending with a consonant, he turns whatever the original word matches into that which the final word matches: he turns a cub into a cube, a tub into a tube, a twin into twine, and a can into a cane. He also had kidnapped the five vowels and forced them to say their naming sounds.

Eventually, Silent E gets arrested by his nemesis, a police officer, who tells him that, of course, he has the right to remain silent (no pun intended). The freed vowels cheer for this as Silent E is hauled away to jail.

However, in jail, Silent E writes to the officer, asking his permission to share his cap or pin, but when he does, he turns it into a cape like he did with any other one-vowel words and flies away, or into a pine (tree) likewise and climbs his way out. Realizing that he had been tricked, the officer vows to get Silent E for this, declaring that while he may have won this time, he will be caught again.