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Silas Volkmire

Silas Volkmire

Pay attentions Battlejerks! I, Silas Volkmire, intend to turns your miserable world into my very own gamescape! The Dark Queen holds your feeble friends captive, and if you try anything, you'll never see them again! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!
~ Silas Volkmire

Silas Volkmire is a villain from the Battletoads series. Said to be one of the main allies of the Dark Queen, his only true appearance is on the SNES title Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, where he is set as the main antagonist, despite never being fought as a boss. He has one of his minions jump out of a game made by Psicone Corporation and kidnap Michiko Tashoku, the daughter of Psicone's CEO, kidnapping Zitz as well when he tries to intervene. As they are dragged inside the Gamescape, Volkmire taunts the toads, who then enter the Gamescape to rescue their friends, who are being captive by the Dark Queen. After the Queen is defeated, Volkmire attempts to escape, but the toads give chase and shot down his ship, though he escapes.

In the Nintendo Power comic which details the plot of the first game, Volkmire is actually a human and co-worker of Psicone who is jealous of the 3 game testers who play the toads. He brings the Dark Queen into our world and becomes her ally, modifying the game machine so the testers are trapped on their toad personas.