Silas Norman is a minor villain in the light novel/manga/anime franchise The Asterisk War.


Norman was first seen as a lackey of a more significant antagonist, the victory obsessed bully Lester MacPhail. Throughout the earlier episodes of the series, there are several assassination attempts by mysterious hooded assailants on various students trying out for the battle competition "The Phoenix Festa", including one on Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld.

Though none of the students were killed (albeit not for lack of trying), most were injured too badly to continue in the competition. When Julis recieved a message from the assailants, she went alone to try to find out who was behind it all, realising that it had to be a student who was being paid by another academy to sabotage the chances of the rest.

Silas then revealed himself as the true mastermind behind the assassination attempts, and when Lester also showed up to confront him, Silas attacked the pair with an army of robotic "puppets", controlled by his will.

Eventually, the puppets defeated Lester, and pinned the injured Julis against the wall. Before the puppets could decapitate Julis, another student named Ayato appeared, used his Ogre Lux weapon Ser-Veresta to destroy the puppets that were about to kill Julis, and then proceeded to unleash the exceptional powers within himself as a member of the Genestella species, combined with the powers of Ser-Veresta, to destroy all of Silas's puppets. Silas fled aboard a flying puppet, but Julis and Ayato used the power of flight to catch up to Silas, destroy the puppet, and send him crashing into the street below.

Being a Genestella himself, Silas survived the fall, but was persued by Seidoukan student president Claudia. After running from her for several miles, she eventually caught up with hm, and slashed him across the back, albeit non-fatally, with her sword, before taking him captive for questioning.