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Signalman is a villain from the Batman series. In addition to his signals he also carries a knockout gas gun, electric sparks, and a heat gun. He is also skilled in hand to hand combat.


Phillip Cobb wanted a gimmick in order to be taken seriously. He took the back signal as inspiration and started using signals of his own. He used these signals to give Batman clues to his crimes. However Batman is always able to defeat him and send him to Arkham Asylum, nor is he taken seriously by other criminals. He once trapped Batman in the Batsignal. He now works for the Secret Society of Super Villains


Batman Beyond

In the Batman Beyond comic series it is revealed that Signalman retired from his crime years and is living in an apartment in Gotham. He is later killed by the new Hush who is killing all the former Batman villains. His method of killing Cobb is similar to Two-Face.

Batman the Brave and the Bold

In the episode "A Bat Divided" Signalman is seen in a bar where villains hang out. When the Batmen show up Signalman tries to punch Batman however he dodges him and Cobb punches a soda machine instead which hurts him.


  • He is similar to the Riddler.
  • He has also gone by the nickname "Blue Bowman".
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