Dr. Sigmund Fraud was a secondary villain in Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard.


Fraud was a Nazi scientist who specialized in rocketry. He and several of his colleages were assigned by Adolf Hitler to assist Maria and her comrades in their endeavors on Rügen Island. He answered to General Jürgen Hoff. After the Vrilerinnen lost faith in the Nazis and instead turned to the Cycloid Emperor and his brood, Maria had the alien troops massacre most of the Nazi personnel on the island. She explicitly ordered them to spare the scientists however, and this included Dr. Fraud.

Fraud was a fanatical racist but not exactly a faithful Nazi. Although a firm believer in many of the the National Socialists' more bizarre ideas about race and mythology, he shared Maria's opinion that the Nazis as a whole had failed to create the master race. He also believed the Vrilerinnen and their alien allies were gods, and thus served them loyally. Thus did he betray both his own fellow humans as well as the other Nazis and Hitler.

At one point, he was captured by Elise Plewmann, Conner Sean and Flip Henry, just as Duke Nukem arrived from the future. Fraud initially thought highly of Duke, due to his blonde hair and blue eyes. He considered Duke a superman and didn't understand why he was helping the "subhumans." Under interrogation, he told them all about the Vrilerinnen's betrayal of the Nazis and their alliance with the Cycloid Emperor. Finishing with him, Duke tied him to a tree.

He was later found by a group of alien soldiers who freed him, and he warned them of the impending attack against the Rügen Island facility. When Duke was captured by the aliens and brought to the base, Maria left him under the guard of a Pig Cop, and went inside. Seeing him, Fraud walked over and taunted Duke. He called him a traitor to the master race and bragged that Duke's life was in his hands, only to be shot in the back of the head with a sniper rifle by Conner Sean when he and Elise came to rescue Duke.