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No...This...this can't be real...This is bullshit!
~ Sigma when he finds out he was the mastermind.

Sigma Klim is the protagonist as well as the antagonist of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Although he thinks he is a 22 year old college student in 2028, the truth is that he's mentally stuck in his 67 year old's body in the year 2074. Much to Sigma's horror, he finds out that he, or rather his 67 year old self self, has been Zero, the mastermind behind the events of the game, all along.

Sigma's plan was to use the death game to create a series of complex mental time travel leaps, which would effectively give him and Phi an infinite amount of retries to prevent the outbreak of Radical-6, a viral infection which lead to the downfall of the human race back in 2029.


As a 22 year old, Sigma is honest and kind-hearted, as well as trusting. He is willing to sacrifice himself if it means helping others, as shown when he was willing to let Dio kill him so that Quark could get his anti-viral medicine. He cares about the feelings of others, and feels strong guilt whenever his actions negatively affect someone's emotions or situation.

His 67 year old self is much more single-minded however, primarily due to his goals. As an extremist he is willing to make the people he kidnaps go through the Nonary Game in order to achieve the desired outcome. Considering this game leads to many people's murders and suicides in different histories, he can be considered to have murdered many people. It can be debated as to whether this is actually Sigma's own fault or not, considering he was forced into becoming this person due to the indefinite loop in time, therefore having no real choice as to his own fate.


The worst thing about death is how it turns an ordinary person into a "thing". It looks like your friend, but it isn't. It's just an empty shell."
~ Sigma about Luna and Alice's bodies.
I know who planted the bombs. That you!
~ Sigma Klim, pinning Dio as the bomber.
I am Zero.
~ Sigma's 67 year old self to his 22 year old consciousness.