Siesta 45
is a villainess from Umineko no Naku Koro ni who is a weapon in contract with Beatrice and a member of the Siesta Sisters Imperial Guard Corps.


Siesta 45 has a very methodical and timid personality, as her persecution complex is somewhat strong. This allows her to compensate for the weakness of Siesta 410's rough personality when they work as a pair. 45 constantly worries about the punishments Pendragon may place upon them should they mess up, and since she cannot stand silence, she sometimes becomes emotionally insecure if she isn't always being ordered by someone. She has excellent capabilities in searching for enemies and deciding on orders. The sisters' battle prowess is multiplied by her support.


Siesta 45 wears the same outfit and has the same red eyes, bunny ears and tail as the other Siesta Sisters. She has pink hair that is held in twintails. Some parts of her outfit have a red color scheme.




  • Like all the other Siestas, 45 is named after a firearm round, the .45 Colt Round.