Sieciuchy are main enemies of Polish educational internet-safety centered franchise called, made by the Dzieci Niczyje foundation. They are five hackers turned by an accident into horrible creatures by antivirus programs. They are supposed to represent dangers that await children in the web.


  • Czyste Zło (Pure Evil) - the leader of the bunch. His real name before mutation was Karol Ryfer. His face was never shown, he is usually sitting on a throne. His outline color is light indigo.
  • Kłamacz (The Liar) - the most dangerous of the bunch. He tracks down children and then presumably  takes them to Pure Evil's lair, or as he puts it he wants to "meet them but without good intentions". His outline color used to be light indigo, but after 2008 his every incarnation posesses a red outline. He represents pishing, stalking and internet pedophiles. Kłamacz also became a meme in the Dudley Church community. He also posess some shapeshifting abilities, or at least he can turn his face into a human one, possibly for webcam trolling.
  • Kradziej (The Thief) - Thief represents internet piracy and hacking. He is very slender, and posesses a green outline.
  • Bełkot (The Mumbler) - Mumbler represents spamming, chainmails, etc. He has a very long tongue, and he has a yellow outline.
  • Śmieciuch (The Trashman) - Trashman likes to flood children's email accounts with spam, chainmails and basically has the same function as The Mumbler, but posesses a blue outline (which in some incarnations of him got changed into light-blue.).
  • Piąty Sieciuch (The Fifth Sieciuch) - a episodic character. He is very large, and looks like a giant version of The Trashman. He appeared in only one comic and one online flash game. He posessed a indigo outline in the comic, but he has a blue one in the game instead, for unknown reasons.