I followed my orders, believing in my cause, same as you.
~ Sibrand's final words.

Sibrand is a secondary antagonist from the videogame Assassin's Creed. He is a Templar and the eight target that Altaïr needs to assassinate. He is located in the middle district of Acre and belongs to the Knights Teutonic.

Sibrand became paranoid after the deaths of his Templar "brothers", and he knew he would be one of the next targets. He continuously thinks his soldiers are plotting against them. When Altaïr finally finds Sibrand, he is in the docks. There is a lot of disturbance here, and Altaïr sees how Sibrand is accusing a scholar of being an assassin, simply because he is dressed in white clothes. He then kills the innocent scholar. He then puts on his helmet and moves to a ship, where he thinks to be save. Altaïr finds him on the ship, shouting and shooting arrows at nowhere. He is then quickly killed by Altaïr hidden blade.

In his dying words, he makes clear that he doesn't believe in any God, ad that his intentions where good ones. He wanted to order a blockade on the docks, so no more men could be sent to the war, and the Templars would be able to take control of Acre.