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Shun and Mrs. Ayasaki are the parents of Hayate Ayasaki, who appear only in flashbacks as faceless shadows with the characters "Mother" and "Father" scrawled on their faces. Hayate's dad, named Shun Ayasaki, has refused to get employed (on the grounds that he is undergoing soul-searching and deserves no less than jobs "most suited to him") and his mother has been a compulsive gambler, which led to their bankruptcy. They abandon Hayate after selling his organs to the Yakuza to ease their financial burdens (a debt of 156,804,000 yen, or approximately $1.3 million US).

Criminal Record

Shun & Mrs. Ayasaki are notable for having a very large criminal record. Although they have committed many atrocities and crimes, they have never been arrested.

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