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Genju Hanuman-Fist Shuen
is a Genjuken warrior who serves Suugu.

Character History

One of Suguu's Genshi, a maniacal prankster who mastered the Genju Hanuman-Fist style which uses a Bōjutsu fighting style and various Gengi in homage to Sun Wukong, one of which is cloning Gengi move. Because of his mischievous personality, there are sometimes in which Shuen himself doesn't distinguish between himself and his clones. He was sent to cause mayhem with his clone Gengi on Christmas Eve to gather screams until the Gekirangers' interference caused him to withdraw via arson and encounter Ken Hisatsu, who took the Phantom's attempt to ruin the holidays personal and defeated him. But Shuen enlarges and was frozen solid by SaiDaiOh before SaiDaiGekiFire delivered the deathblow.


to be added

Modus and Arsenal

Hanuman Gengi

  • Wild-Hair Clone Change: Allows user to use strands of hair to create a limitless number of clones
  • Great Ape Game: Gives user great speed to avoid attacks.
  • Indian Spin: Uses staff
  • Explosive Flame Saiyūki: Uses staff

See also

  • Grinder - Power Rangers counterpart in Jungle Fury.

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