Shriek (DC)


Shriek is a sounds engineer and a villain in DC. He was a sounds scientist but later became an assassin for Derek Powers. He was sent by Powers to kill Bruce which almost succeeded but was stopped by Terry. Shriek escaped to his apartment where Terry disguised as a delivery boy arrives at his doorstep. Shriek shows him around but became suspicious of him when he mentioned a sonar device. During a fight with Batman, his suit is damaged, causing it to pick up sounds at such a high volume that Shreeve is rendered permanently deaf. Though he develops a special headset to hear normally, the incident drives him insane and vengeful against Batman. Shreeve returns later on in the series bent of revenge. He attempts to destroy Gotham City by causing the sound waves of the city to get jumbled up.

Shriek was later apart of the Inquity Collective at some point in the future and battle the Justice League.


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