Hey now, you're a rockstar.
~ Shrek's game over line.
Ogres are like oninions.
~ Shrek

Shrek (or at least this version) is the main antagonist of the indie horror game Swamp Simulator (which is a Shrek version of Slender). This game appears to be set in an alternate universe where Shrek has turned evil and the unseen protagonist has to collect 8 onions and defeat Shrek once and for all. 


In a supposedly alternate universe, Shrek has turned evil. His swamp has became a hellish, murkey waste land, and he even killed Donkey by locking him in his house and burning it to the ground. There is also a barrel in the woods labeled "Shrek's Punishment Barrel". If the player approaches it, the sound of someone - or something - banging on the inside is heard.

Throughout the game, Shrek will try to kill the player, trying to stop him from collecting all the onions. He will become active once the player collects the first onion. The ways to tell if Shrek is near is when you hear his heavy breathing, booming footsteps, (which get louder and more frequent as he gets closer), and/or breaking trees (which occurs when you've collected the 7th onion), but the most noticable distinction is that when he gets close, a slow, distorted version of Smash Mouth's song All Star will play, getting louder the closer he gets.

If Shrek catches the player, the screen will go red and a tearing, blood gushing sound will be heard followed by the protagonist screaming in pain and terror, followed by Shrek calmly saying "Hey now, you're a rockstar". Another way for the protagonist to die is to drown in Shrek river, in which the screen will go a cyan blue, followed by Shrek saying the same line, followed by bubbly, choking sounds.

When the player catches 6 or 7 onions, Shrek will become more active and even faster, making evading him very difficult. If the player manages to collect 7 onions, the last onion will be at the bridge where the game first sends you. If you approach the final onion, the player will lose all control of the protagonist as a cutscene appears. The protagonist looks around for Shrek, then looks up to see Shrek dive-bombing him, killing him, therefore ending the game with Shrek winning regardless.





  • In the older versions of the game, the Shrek jumpscare occurs after getting the first onion, meaning that Shrek has become active then. In the newer versions, the jumpscare occurs randomly, Shrek becoming active regardless.
  • In the older versions, Shrek is simply standing in a "T" position, floating towards the protagonist. In the newer versions, he is moving and running towards the protagonist in a more realistic way.
  • In the newer versions of the game, when you go back to the main menu after you "win" the game (with Shrek dive-bombing the player), Shrek will be seen dancing on the main menu while a non-distorted All Star plays (though the lyrics have been cut).