I am here! Come face your doom!
~ Shredder

The Shredder (Oroku Saki) is the main antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. He has appeared in almost every TMNT media at some point and is almost always treated as a formidable opponent to the group.


The original Shredder made his debut in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books, published under Mirage Comics. However he has since made notable appereances in Archie Comics, Image Comics and several other publishers as the TMNT franchise expanded. He also made a very brief appearance in the animated crossover movie, Turtles Forever, yet was shown as incredibly weak in that movie (a reference to the fact that the original Mirage Comics did not focus as much on Shredder as later media would). In the original comic he was a one shot character but his popularity caused his return and became the main villain of the comics.

He also is major villain in the IDW comics and Archie comics as well.


Shredder (Clone) (Mirage Comics)

After the death of Oroku Saki, The Shredder, several members of the Foot, as well as the Shredder himself seemingly resurrected, would jump and beat Leonardo to the brink of death, and throw his body through the window of the turtles ally April's Second Time Around store. Shredder and the Foot would attack the TMNT, setting the building on fire, and with the help of Casey Jones, they escaped to his grandmother's old farmhouse in Northampton, Massachusetts.

After months of recuperation, the TMNT returned to New York to settle the score with their enemies, and with the help of Zog, a Triceraton mentally confused due to breathing our Earth oxygen, they went to take down the Foot and the Shredder once and for all. During the fight, Zog gets hacked to death by 3 deformed "Mutant Shredder clones". The other Turtles would face them and be taken down one by one, leaving Leonardo to go ahead and face the "real" Shredder himself.

Leonardo faced off against the Shredder alone in which Shredder revealed that he was a worm clone of the original Shredder, but still harbored the hatred of the original. The Foot employed some sort of mystic worms that ate remains of the dead, and then grow into the form of what they ate. The malformed Shredder Elite were the first three experiments with the worms, and the Shredder now facing Leonardo was their fourth. Shredder and Leonardo fought it out and in the end, Leo would end up decapitating him finally killing him. Leonardo would then take Shredder's body and burn it at the Hudson River in a Viking funeral (burning on a raft on a river). With the Shredder gone, chaos erupted in New York City among the leaderless Foot Clan.

Tales of the TMNT 

It is shown that after Leonardo defeated the Shredder, he had yet

Shredder shark

Shredder as a mutant shark.

another resurrection of sort, a Foot Mysticnamed Mashima would find the remains and use the mysterious worms that created Shredder's clone body again, which had gained sentience, the worms then went out to find a new body, but this time they'd also eat the remains of a shark. This shark monster retained Saki's memories and considered himself the real Oroku Saki. This creature wasted no time and started his revenge against the Turtles and Splinter kidnapping him. Facing the Turtles, who defeated it, after a long struggle, in which, by the mysterious abilities of this new creature, the personalities of the Turtles were turned upside down, by severing it's connection to the mystic, he realized he was just a clone and escaped, also eating the Foot Mystic. Sometime later, the monster returned, however, and had the Foot kidnap Casey's adopted daughter Shadow to lure the Turtles into a trap. With the Turtles away this Shark/Worm/Shredder monster would face Splinter and Casey Jones. They defeated this incarnation of Shredder with the help of the Foot Mystic Mashima, who had meanwhile merged with the Shredder Shark clone, and rescued Shadow finally killing the creature.

Shredder also has a daughter named Pimko.


  • Unlike the rest his incarnations, this Shredder's backstory not depicted him had direct conflict with Hamato Yoshi, as he killed Yoshi to avenge his brother.
  • Also, for the same reason, in Mirage comics, Shredder was killed outright by the ninja turtles in their fateful battle, which led to his clones' creation to replace him. This, alongside his popularity among fans, led to his later incarnation's portrayal as tenacious antagonist whom able to recovered from injuries/scenarios that normally fatal for normal people either in real life or within the franchise itself.
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