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The Shovelloid was a Metaloid created by Enter when he used the "Bite" Metavirus to infect a power shovel. Its hydraulic bucket arm can cause massive collateral damage as it "bites" through objects. It can also fire bullets from it's humanoid left hand.

It had managed to overpower Blue Buster and Yellow Buster in their fight, but it was thanks to Hiromu's timely appearance that he managed to shoot out it's left eye. Infuriated, the Shovelloid continued it's assault, but was less effective with it's left optic receptor gone.

It was deleted the same time ShovelZord was shut down, he hit by two charged shots from both Blue and Yellow Buster with their Ichigan Busters.


  • Identification Number: S-46
  • Install Metavirus: KAZIRU
  • Production Motif: Power shovel
  • Height: 195 cm. (6 feet, 4.77 inches)
  • Weight: 256 kg. (564 lbs.)

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