Shousei (承正, Shōsei) is a minor character from Tokyo Ghouk:re. He's a ghoul and is a member of the Aogiri Tree and is a subordinate of Naki serving as a member of the White Suits.


Shousei is a tall and well-built man. He has a beak-like nose and a long chin with short and slick hair. He wears the standard white suit that all White Suits members wear and has a large scar onhis left eye. His mask is white with a black unfinished stick figure-like design on it.


Rosewald Investigation

Shousei first appears where he and other members of both the White Suits and the Aogiri Tree are seen being hired by Karren von Rosewald for a special task. He and the others are then hired to take out Investigator Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad and distracts Sasaki with Hooguro by separating Sasaki from the rest of his squad so that they can be delt with. The two ghouls and the others however, are easily overpowered by Sasaki and they're all forced to retreat afterwards. He's later on seen back at the Aogiri Base where his boss Naki informs the White Suits that Akihiro Kanou plans to "revive" the late bodyguards of Gagi & Guge.

Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation

Shousei particiaptes in a raid on a CCG Transport where Aogiri steals the body of Ginshi Shirazu for Kanou's experiments.


  • Naki: Shousei appears to respect Naki and he calls him bro.

Powers & Abilities

Shousei has an Ukaku Kagune and a rating of A+ by the CCG. Other than that, his other powers remain unknown.