Shouko Kirishima is a character in the manga and anime Baka and Test. She is the top student and class representative of Class A that wanted to get married by Yuuji by any means necessary. She was voiced by Tomomi Isomura in Japanese and English Dubbed by Jamie Marchi.

When Shouko was a child, she was always lonely at home. In school, it was revealed that she and Yuuji were childhood friends. Shouko mentioned if that there was any trouble, she would have to go to an all girls boarding school. When she saw three 6th Graders trying to vandalize Yuuji's desk, she begged for them to stop. The boys attempted to attack her, but was saved by Yuuji. He told her to get out of his sight (for her safety) in a harsh way. After talking with his mother, Shoko then dedicated her life into marrying Yuuji.

In the present, Shouko became a calm and composed sociopath that still wanted to have Yuuji, by abusing him whenever he catches a "glimpse" of another girl and pretending to be a lesbian. She would often taze him or poke his eyes out with her fingernails. She literally had a marriage certificate printed out, but by law, they had to be at least 18 to get married. As well as being the Class A Representative, Shouko was also friends with the Class A ambassador, Yuuko Kinoshita.