Shot Mask is a Black Cross Army Masked Monster and the first to serve under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Shot Mask assisted Iron Man Mask General Temujin in a scheme to help the Black Cross Army gain possession of the warship Atlantis, a massive zeppelin which destroyed the lost city of Atlantis thousands of years in the past. Besieging the search site, he abducts the researcher of the ship and his son with ease in an initial battle with Aorenger where his arrows can't break through his defenses; though not without Shinmei stealing the researcher's part of the map for the opening of the vault with the weapon. Forced to make a deal with Shot Mask to hand over the map in exchange for the boy and his father, the Masked Monster takes the map while forcing the researcher to help open the stone vault with the zeppelin.

Eventually the Gorenger return to face Shot Mask after all the keys for the vault had been found, but this time Shinmei was prepared for him, using his Blue Cherry Rocket to strike back at the cannonballs that the monster kept firing. When Cannonball Mask kept attacking him, Aorenger fired an arrow right in the being's neck, it's only weak spot. With little resistance, he falls to Gorenger Storm.

Modus and Arsenal

His main form of combat is the usage of iron cannonballs that he can fire from his head multiple times; he also uses a morning-star as a weapon