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Shorty is the anti-hero and a (former) major antagonist turned supporting protagonist in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration, and a supporting protagonist in the TV show. He first started out as a villain when he bullied Littlefoot, but he later reforms and becomes Littlefoot's brother.

He was voiced by actor Brandon DePaul in the film and actress Elizabeth Daily in the TV series. 


In the film, when Littlefoot meets his father for the first time, Shorty sees Littlefoot running about and decides to deliberately trip him. Littlefoot calls him for his rude behavior and Shorty denies this, leading to the two fighting. Bron arrives at the scene and demands Shorty to tell the truth. Defeated, Shorty reluctantly tells the truth and apologizes to Littlefoot before running away.

When Bron tells Littlefoot a long story of his whereabouts and absence in Littlefoot's childhood, he tells he left to find a new home for his family before Littlefoot hatched and returned to find the earthquake had destroyed everything and soon learned the death of his wife. In search of Littlefoot, he finds Shorty among other seemingly orphaned longneck children. Bron, realizing his son is not with them, continued his search while taking care of the orphaned children which gradually formed a bigger herd. Bron also revealed that all of the orphaned longneck children were adopted by members of the herd—everyone except Shorty which was clear why he wasn't adopted by another longneck family, for his continual abuse and bullying on other innocent longneck children caused him to be left alone otherwise. This was point was proven by Bron when Shorty is seen taking his anger and jealousy out on other longneck children by scaring them away so he could eat their green food.

One evening, Shorty was hitting rocks with his tail causing them to skip across the lake when he is interrupted by Littlefoot. Angered, he hit a rock with his tail causing the rock to nearly hit Littlefoot in the head, though Shorty was intended on hitting Littlefoot with his pile of skipping rocks. Littlefoot tries to cheer him up, offering that Shorty could hang out with him and his father. Shorty reacts to this angerily and yells at Littlefoot telling him that he could hang with Bron anytime he wanted and claimed that Bron liked him better for a son. Littlefoot reminded Shorty that Bron is his biological father and Shorty is only a foster child of Bron. Shorty is angered by this and hits Littlefoot in the face with one of his skipping rocks causing him to let out a shout of pain. Shorty then threatened to fight him if he wanted to do something about his hurting. Littlefoot walked away not wanting to fight Shorty and Shorty follows after him calling him insults until he sees Bron looking at him and he bows down in defeat as well.

On the morning of the eclipse, Littlefoot awakens to find Shorty sneaking over the crater walls and running away out of spite for being ignored by Bron. Littlefoot catches up to Shorty and convinces him to stay; the two reconcile and agree to see themselves as brothers.


Shorty is mean, arrogant, rude, selfish and nasty. He is a young bully and had an antagonistic side towards Littlefoot until he reforms and becomes kind-hearted and friendly side towards him.


"(laughs) watch where you're going clumsy!"
~ Shorty's first line when he trips Littlefoot with his tail
"Did not! Did not! Not! Oh, yeah? Wanna do something about it?!"
~ Shorty denying tripping Littlefoot, insults him and prepares to fight him before being interrupted by Bron
"Ow! He stepped on my tail -- on purpose!"
~ Shorty lying about his pain and blaming it on Littlefoot
"Yeah, he -- I mean, No! I didn't trip him!"
~ Shorty's reaction after being caught in his lie by Bron
"Un, okay! I tripped him!"
~ Shorty reluctantly admitting to Bron he lied and tripped Littlefoot
"Listen, pal! I can be with Bron anytime I want to! You got that? I know him better than you do!"
~ Shorty yelling at Littlefoot when he's offered to spend time with the both of them.
"Yeah, and he likes me better!"
~ Shorty claiming that Bron likes him better for a son before Littlefoot yells that Bron is "my real dad"
"Want to do something about it!?"
~ Shorty wanting to fight Littlefoot after hurting him by throwing rocks at his head
"That's what I though -- you coward, you baby!"
~ Shorty hypocritically insulting Littlefoot for backing down from a fight



  • Shorty is sometimes thought to be the main antagonist of the film, however Gray Sharptooth is the real main villain because he had bigger plans than Shorty and is more dangerous than him, plus Shorty is more of an anti-hero than a true villain.
  • There is some irony regarding his name, "Shorty" as although his character intended to be a bully, "Shorty" is a frequently-used playground insult. However, it might also be seen as befitting, as Shorty is shorter than Littlefoot, despite being older.