Shon's Parents

SHon's Parents

Believers, pt 207:24

Believers, pt 2

Shons's parents were a pair of anti-villains from the babylon 5 Episode Beleivers. Tharg was portrayed by Stephen Lee, and M'Ola by Tricia O'neil. 


Shon's parents were both memebrs of the Onteen race. They were both part of a very strict Onteen religion known as "The Children of Time". As such, they had to follow the very specific rules laid out in The Scroll of Herrel. They eventually had a son named Shon.

On Babylon 5

When their son was sick, No one on their homeworld could cure him. Shon's parents took him to Babylon 5, and saw Dr Stephen Franklin to see what was wrong.  As it turned out, SHon needed surgery to fix easily curable problems with his lungs. 

Because of their religion, however, Shon's parents could not allow him to undergo surgery, as they beleived that it would release their child's soul. Stepehen Franklin, however, refused to simply let the child die. This caused a controversy on Babylon 5, and lead Shon's parents to attemting (unsuccesfully) to gain favor from many of Babylon 5's ambassadors. 

Stephen Franklin did eventually preform the surgery on Shon, leading his parents to disown him. After they were finally convinced to take him back in, Shon was ritually killed in an Onteen ritual.