Shojun the Warlord, also known as Shojun, Warlord of Ji was the main antagonist in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd storyline "The Warlord". He was a very powerful psionic who is planning to take over the world.


Shojun came from radioactive wastes of post-war china called the Radlands of Ji where he and his girlfriend arrived in Mega-City One to raise the Seven Samurai ,who are powerful demons immune to normal weaponry and Shojun planned to use them to take over Earth. He immediately warned the Judges not to interfere with his plans and demonstrated his power by destroying a building with sheer will, killing over 250 people. Chief Judge McGruder, impressed with his powers, decided to wait and see what Shojun was planning to do before committing any action, she immediately overruled Judge Dredd's request to assassinate Shojun with a laser that's to quick for him to block.

After discovering his plans, Chief Judge McGruder finally authorised an assassination on Shojun but unfortunately it was too late, since he managed to teleport away and sacrificed his girlfriend to raise the Seven Samurai and then they embarked on a murderous rampaged killing over four hundred people. The Justice Department have surrounded the area with tanks and aircraft but they proved to be completely useless against the Shojun and the Seven Samurai.

Judge Dredd, although wounded in his battle against Shojun, has discovered that one of the Samurai shuriken (Shooting stars) was the only thing capable of penetrating Shojun's shield.

Shojun, even though he knew about it, could not stop it from happening and was killed but unfortunately the Seven Samurai were still rampaging around Mega-City One, so the head of Psi Division, Judge Omar, used his psionic powers to destroy the Samurai but at the cost of his life, which he knew he would have to pay.


He's shown to be extremely callous and evil, destroying an entire building and killing hundreds just to prove a point and willingly sacrificed his girlfriend just to raise the Seven Samurai. He puts on a charismatic attitude, but that is just a disguise to mask how ruthless he is.

Powers and Abilities

He's shown to a very powerful psionic, having the ability to effortlessly destroy entire buildings with his powers and creating a barrier around him that stop bullets in mid-air. He also has the ability to create wave blasts and to teleport and other people and even kill effortlessly.