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Shoichi Shinkawa

Shoichi Shinkawa is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online» where he was infamously known as «Red-Eyed XaXa», a member of the infamous red guild: «Laughing Coffin». He later became a player of «Gun Gale Online» under the name Sterben (German for "to die"). He is also the mysterious self-proclaimed «Death Gun», alongside his brother Kyouji Shinkawa and Atsushi Kanemoto (Johnny Black), and is the main antagonist during the Phantom Bullet arc


Sword Art Online Avatar

XaXa wears a skeletal mask and a black cape with a hood. He has the gui ld tattoo on one of his arms.

Gun Gale Online Avatar

Sterben's avatar in Gun Gale Online is similar to the one in Sword Art Online. Like his SAO avatar, Sterben wears a skeletal mask and also wears a dark optical camouflage mantle around him. He re-tattooed a half-opened coffin with an arm sticking out of inside, waving; the manga version of the emblem of «Laughing Coffin».


Shoichi is a cold and sadistic person who believes in PoH's principles, thus he enjoys killing other players, even knowing that they would be killed in real life as well. It was later revealed that Shoichi enjoyed killing other players because he enjoyed the feeling of being feared by others.

As Shoichi's father did not have any expectations for him due to him being frail and sick, he eventually dropped out of high school and turned to the Internet as his heaven and started playing MMORPGs until he was trapped in SAO where he committed various crimes, becoming a Player Killer one year after the game started and joining Laughing Coffin. Shoichi's sense of reality has been wearing thin since then, feeling that only things beneficial to him were real. After the death game had ended, under his brother's Kyouji's advice and started playing Gun Gale Online, however, instead of practising his skills against monsters, he spent time on the streets observing other players and imagining ways of killing them, while, after obtaining his mantle, he had been practising ways of obscuring himself from others, feeling that it was interesting to tail someone from behind. After he managed to find out the real life address of several players by tailing them when they were inputting their personal information in the presidential estate of SBC Gurokken, he and his brother came up with a plot to continue killing people in the real world, supposedly via the use of a «Death Pistol» in-game.


When he was young, he was rather frail and sick, thus he was often moved between his home and the hospital after graduating middle school. He entered high school a year late but his father had already given up on him taking over the family business, thus he pushed the burden onto his younger brother. Shoichi eventually dropped out of high school and turned to the internet and started playing MMORPGs until he got trapped in Sword Art Online.