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Let us have some fun before my ceremony. I will bury you before your princess!
~ Shogun Kigai

Shogun Kigai is the main antagonist and final boss of the arcade game Ninja Assault. He is a demonic shogun who kidnaps the Princess Koto in order to sacrifice her for his ressruection ritual, resulting in her loyal ninja Guren and Gunjo attempting to rescue her. 


Kigai is an ancient demonic shogun who sent his army of demons to wage war with humanity. After kidnapping Princess Koto, Kigai intended to use her as a sacrifice for his ressurection. However, two couragous ninja, Guren and Gunjo, set out to rescue her from the shogun's clutches with a pair of friearms. Eventually, the two ninja are able to storm Kigai's castle where he attempts to kill them for his own amusemenr. However, Gurne and Gunjo manage to defeat him, destroying both him and his castle and lifting Japan from his demonic curse.