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Can you beat me, little one?
~ The Shogun's main quote.

The Shogun is the 5th boss in the video game Madworld. He is ranked 71th in DeathWatch.


The Shogun is has a samurai based appearance. His samurai outfit appears to resembles some sort of oni. He wields a huge double edged buzzsaw staff.


The Shogun is the second boss in Asian Town. After Jack rescued the three geishas, he eventually encountered The Shogun. Jack fights him while the building is on fire. The Shogun fights with a double buzzsaw staff, and wears high durable armor. With this armor Jack can only do minimum damage. However during the power struggle, Jack will use his chainsaw to cut open the Shogun's armor, causing it to fall apart, and giving Jack the ability to deal more damage to the Shogun. When the Shogun losses all of his health, both he and Jack jumps to the roof. Jack grabs the Shogun's staff, rammed into the Shogun's stomach and tossed him into a spike, killing the Shogun.


MadWorld Boss Battles 503:56

MadWorld Boss Battles 5.- Shogun

Jack Cayman vs. the Shogun.

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