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The Shoe-eating Zombies is a horde of villains that secret agents Coqueta and Audaz confront in one the commercials to advertise Coqueta & Audaz line of shoes for toddlers and kids.

When an effect caused by people's tattered shoes' stench combined with athlete's foot brought the Guanajuato mummies back to life, they began to crave for people's shoes, turning them into zombies. They, in turn, bite off other people's shoes if they happen to be low-quality; which results in the victim becoming a zombie as well. Agents Coqueta & Audaz set off to the city of Guanajuato to find a cure and protect the survivors before the epidemic spreads to the whole nation.

The agents, using their own brand of shoes to pass off undetected, manage to find a cure and put it inside their H-47 Projectiles. They use teamwork to find and reach the highest spot and fire the projectile to the skies, spreading its contents all around the city and succesfully turning the people back to normal.




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